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Check out your common queries about our Products & Services.

What is Vernacular Medium®?

Ans: Vernacular Medium® is a multi-dimensional EdTech platform that empowers Indian students with skill-based certification courses in their regional languages for career advancement.

Who can apply to Vernacular Medium®?

Ans: Any student or professional who wants to take Live Courses, Internship Programs, or Mentorship Programs for their career development can enroll in these Certification Courses. Our Certification Programs do not have an age requirement.

How to enroll in Vernacular Medium® Courses?

Ans: Please go to the My Account section of the menu on our website (https://vernacularmedium.com). Register yourself to create a new Account. To activate your account, click on the link delivered to your email. Log in to your account again and navigate to the Features section. Browse among Live Courses, Internship Programs, and Mentorship Programs, select your desired course, and pay the enrollment fee.

What services will I receive after enrolling in Vernacular Medium® Courses?

Ans: As soon as you enroll in any of the Courses listed above, you will be added to a Student Group where you will receive a soft copy of the Course Syllabus, Digital Materials, and Timetable for the registered batch. Candidates will be given assignments and assessments at various points during the Course. During this time, students can attend Special Classes aimed at clarifying any questions they may have. Furthermore, students who successfully complete their Courses will receive two certificates: one Physical Copy and one Soft Copy.

Where can I check the authenticity of the Certificate issued?

Ans: Visit our website’s Certificate Verification Portal (https://vernacularmedium.com/certificate-verification), enter the unique secret code, i.e., the serial number of the Certificate printed on it, and press enter to check and verify the Candidate’s and the Certificate’s authenticity.

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