Vernacular Medium®

Marketing Management

Ratiranjan Mishra

I am immensely grateful to Vernacular Medium® for providing me with this Marketing Internship opportunity. One of the highlights of my internship was the chance to engage in market research and develop strategic marketing plans. I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking a dynamic and supportive environment to advance their marketing expertise.

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Hitesh Kumar Behera

During my time at Vernacular Medium®, I had the opportunity to work on diverse projects that honed my skills in market research, digital marketing strategies, and campaign management. The mentors were highly knowledgeable and always available to guide me, ensuring that I gained a comprehensive understanding of marketing principles and their practical applications.

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Abhipsa Paikaray

I am deeply grateful to the team at Vernacular Medium® for their mentorship and the exceptional learning experience they provided. The supportive and collaborative work environment allowed me to explore creative solutions and innovative approaches to marketing challenges. The knowledge and skills I acquired during my internship are already proving beneficial in my career journey.

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