Vernacular Medium®

Human Resource Management

Sambit Kumar Nath

Vernacular Medium® has an excellent support network. In order to make sure that every student understands the material, the instructors and staff are personable, supportive, and always eager to go above and beyond. Students felt more bonded to one another in the inclusive setting, which further enhanced the educational process by forming a caring community.

Sandip Mohanty

The comprehensive curriculum provided me with a solid foundation in Human Resource Management, covering diverse aspects of the field. The instructors at Vernacular Medium® demonstrated exceptional proficiency not only in the subject matter but also in ensuring that language barriers were effectively addressed. Their dedication to bridging language gaps made the learning process enjoyable.

Ayouba B. Kamara

I am from Liberia and the experiences I’ve obtained during this HRM Internship have been transforming. During my time at Vernacular Medium®, I had the pleasure of working with a skilled and diverse team of professionals who were not just helpful but also understanding of my language issues. One of the most enjoyable features of …

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Shraddha Suman Panda

My first stint in human resources was with Vernacular Medium®. I am overjoyed to report that my two-month HRM Internship was jam-packed with information and hands-on experience. I will be eternally thankful to the entire team for their support, encouragement and advice in defining and building my professional career with skills and personal growth for …

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